Children/Youth Supports

Children Services


  • Provides support to children with intellectual disability who are aged 6 to 16 and their family
  • Assists you and your son/daughter to successfully manage major life transitions
  • Assists you to complete a variety of tasks, including any necessary assessments, planning, securing and leveraging of available resources and supports
  • Assists you by acting as a liaison with the school system and other children’s services as required

Youth Services

BUILDING BRIDGES – Transition Planning

  • Provides support to youth with an intellectual disability aged 16 to 21 and their family
  • Assists students with the transition from secondary school to adult life in the community
  • Assists students to direct and develop an individualized Transitional Plan in conjunction with their family, teachers, significant others, community members or whomever the student identifies
  • Assists students to explore and identify future community options that may be available to them upon leaving high school.  This may include post secondary school, employment, volunteer, social and recreational options
  • Assists students to get connected to options of their choice prior to leaving school (where appropriate)




  •  Will assist you to develop your own individualized plan of support
  • Will explore your own unique talents, strengths and abilities
  • Will plan with you on an ongoing basis and can include members of your family, friends, care givers and members of the community
  • Will help you identify your goals, both now and in the future.  Goals may include housing, work, volunteer, skill development leisure and recreation options

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