Family Supports

Provides family support and outreach programs and services.

Lakeshore Family Network

A support group and information network funded by Northumberland United Way for family members and caregivers of individuals with an intellectual disability, developmental disability, psychiatric diagnosis, learning disability or neurological impairment.

  • This group meets one evening a month
  • This group support one another, by listening and understanding (you are not alone)
  • This group learns from one another and guest speakers
  • This group shares information with one another at group, through email and postage mail

Strengthening Families Together

A free 4 -week education program, funded by Northumberland United Way, for families and friends, who are in a primary care giving role, for someone with a mental illness.

Topics include:

  • What is Mental Illness?
  • Coping as a Family
  • Living with Mental Illness
  • Understanding the Mental Health System

Please contact us for more information about group meetings and activities.

Building Family Capacity

A family education program funded by Northumberland United Way intended to equip families of people with disabilities with specific skills in order to increase capability and sense of confidence in their care giving skills in order to effectively meet day-to-day challenges.

Some past topics:

  • Laura Viscardis – All About Me – Life planning – citizenship and friendship
  • Dreaming in Alliance with our Loved Onces (with disabilities) Debbie and Mike LeBlanq from Vital Self Discoveries
  • Changes to the Tax Credit system Investors Group
  • Austism Information and Support Group
  • Alzheimer Information
  • Mental Health Series



If you are interested in more information about upcoming events and/or if you have a topic of interest, please contact:

Ann Moring
(905) 377-9920 Ext. 24

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