Our Mission

“Community Living – West Northumberland is committed to providing quality support for people with disabilities to live, learn and work as valued citizens in the community.”


Services Overview

We provide services to people aged six and up who have a disability.  We are committed to providing a range of supports and services that are as individualized as possible and meet the needs of children, youth, adults and families.  We strive to work in collaboration with people supported, families, friends, caregivers, community partners and other service providers.


Service Principles

  • Our organization provides supports and services on an individualized basis
  • Each support plan will recognize each person’s needs, wishes, abilities and aspirations
  • Support plans will be adjusted to respond to people’s changing needs and choices
  • We encourage people to exercise their rights
  • We teach people the responsibilities that accompany rights
  • We believe people should direct their own lives
  • We will help people become as inde/interdependent as possible within their community
  • We work to ensure people access their community and its resources
  • We assist people to access education
  • We support people to obtain employment an to engage in meaningful work
  • We help people to access recreational activities of their choice


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